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More G.I. Joe Classified Diorama Fun

30 Apr

This week’s photoshoot features several G.I. Joe Classified figures and several diorama pieces. I like to imagine a bit of a story for this one. Dr. Mindbender and Cobra are kidnapping Joes and subjecting them to the evil Dr’s mind control experiments. Stalker and Scarlett are coming to rescue. However, they must first defeat Baroness, Storm Shadow, and some Blue Ninjas!

Check out the photo gallery below!

And check out the this Short made from selected pics!

G.I. Joe Classified in Woods at Night

16 Apr

This week’s photoshoot features the Woods at Night backdrop from Simple Backdrops. You can find them on Etsy!

It also includes, Falcon, Stalker, and Spirit from the G.I. Joe Classified Series, as well as the RAM Cycle.

And if you would like to see a comic-style video made from these photos, check it out below!

G.I. Joe Classified Diorama Photos: Falcon, Cover Girl, Crimson BAT

9 Apr

This week’s action figure photography features dioramas by Extreme Sets, MMMToys, and Twelve World!

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And here is our most recent YouTube Short, made from the same photoshoot!

Yet Another Blakbone Halloween!

30 Oct

It’s been a long time, but I finally have a new web-comic! Of course, it’s Halloween! If you like this one, feel free to check out all the web-comics in the archives. You can also subscribe to catch the next web-comic, and new videos about toy collecting and other topics!

New from 1134 Comix

4 Sep

This holiday weekend I spent a bit of time in the studio taking more action figure pics. This time, I went with the new G.I. Joe Classified retro card-back Gung-Ho. Check the photos out in the gallery below. I’ll also link to the IG page so you can see the Reel–I think the pictures are much cooler to music!

I also have a new video up on the YouTubes. In this week’s video I do a bit more speculation about the G.I. Joe Classified line. Yeah, 1134 Comix has gone pretty far in to G.I. Joe Classified lately. What can I say? I kind of became obsessed with the line lol. Anyway, find the video at the bottom of the post!

Watch the Reel Here!

Check out the latest 1134 Comix video below!

Ahsoka Tano – Practicing Forms

21 Aug

In this week’s action figure photo shoot, I dug into the Black Series collection. I used the Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka, and I used the Starkiller Base background and stands for the dio. I posed Ahsoka in positions reminiscent of practicing forms in martial arts. Check out the gallery below, and list the IG page to follow and watch Reels!

Check out the Reel here!

Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow

14 Aug

In this week’s photoshoot, we have Snake Eyes battle Storm Shadow and Red Ninjas. Check out the gallery below, and follow the link beneath that to see the IG Reel!

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G.I. Joe Classified Sequential Storytelling

7 Aug

Check out these edited images from my last action figure photo shoot. This time, Duke has been captured by Cobra. But Snake Eyes comes to save the day!

And check out the Reel here!

Croc Master has Arrived

17 Jul

Finally got my hands on the G.I. Joe Classified Croc Master! Check out some action pics in the gallery below. Find the link below the gallery to follow on IG, too – thanks for viewing!

Check these images out as an IG Reel HERE!

Snake Eyes and Roadblock RAMPAGE

3 Jul

I made a new action figure comic this week – no dialogue, so you can fill in your own words!

Check it out in the gallery below. And if you would like to see more, follow the links beneath the gallery!

Check out the Reel on IG HERE!

And see more at the 1134 Comix YouTube Channel: