1134 Comix is a bunch of goofy web-comics (and some print comics – look out for the links) by cartoonist and fiction writer, G.J. Sieck. You’ll also find the occasional fiction story (usually sci-fi) and the occasional random thought, question, what-have-you.

Go to the “categories” scroll down menu and find something to read. If you happen to consider yourself a metal head, I suggest Blakbone–it’s the longest running title at 1134 too!


1134 Comix also has a YouTube channel! We focus mostly action figure collecting, mostly G.I. Joe Classified as of the time of writing this, as well as action figure photography and dioramas. That said, the web-comics aren’t going anywhere. You can still go through the archives and find comics in the way described above. And though new comics are not being made regularly, there are always ideas for new things.

If you happen to like any of the web-comics here at 1134 Comix, or if you’re into action figure photography and/or G.I. Joe Classified, subscribe to the channel!

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