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New Fiction in Cosmic Horror Monthly!

2 Nov

I’m bit late to the party sharing this. But my latest piece of short fiction can be read in the September issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly. It’s a wild tale. Check it at the link below–print and digital copies available!

Another Blakbone Halloween Continues by G.J. Sieck

1 Oct

It’s officially October, so this Halloween story just became a little more apropos! Keep following along until the conclusion this October 31st!


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A Blakbone Halloween Adventure Continues by G.J. Sieck

24 Sep


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Blakbone’s Halloween Adventure Continues! by G.J. Sieck

21 Sep


We’re so stoked for Halloween that we started it in September!

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Blakbone’s Halloween Adventure Continues by G.J. Sieck

17 Sep


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A Blakbone Halloween (starting early . . .) by G.J. Sieck

10 Sep

We’re starting Halloween a little early this year at 1134 Comix. This 10 page Halloween Special will update from now until October 31st. The schedule will be pretty loose, and sometimes more than one page will be posted per week. Actually, this story was started last Halloween, but an MFA thesis kind of got in the way of finishing it anywhere near Halloween. So, I put it on the shelf and decided to put it up for Halloween 2017. So here’s the first page. The next one will be up real soon!


Sunday Comix: Blakbone!

23 Oct

BB4PG12 copy.jpg

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The Green Mount Monster (page 7)

22 Feb

SDMpg8 copy

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The Green Mount Monster (page 4)

31 Jan


The Green Mount Monster (page 3)

23 Jan

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