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Blakbone: Conclusion (for now)

5 Dec


So, there’s the long awaited last page of the, now concluded, Blakbone story arc. The next leg of the adventure is in the works–and will feature a bunch of our supporters too! We’re planning to have that out there real soon (just about every time I give a timeframe for any of these projects, I’m way off . . . so, lets go with “real soon” for now).

Keep on the lookout for other 1134 Comix/Press updates – see you real soon!

The Adventures of Blakbone!!

12 Aug


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1134 Comix Sunday Edition: Blakbone!

12 Jun

BB4PG7 copy.jpg

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1134 Comix: Blakbone Continued

7 Jun

BB4PG6 copy

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Friday Night??!! Comic (is that a thing?): Blakbone!!!

27 May

BB4PG5 copy

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1134 Sunday Comics: Blakbone Continues

6 Mar

BB4PG4 copy

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Coming up…

28 May

Didn’t forget about Blakbone…

Today I started putting together all of his scattered stories into one book. It should be finished soon and available for digital download.



Updates coming soon.