A Tribute to the Postmaster General (for doing a FANTASTIC job!)

18 Apr

This comic was inspired by my growing number of packages that have apparently decided to take up permanent residence in some USPS facility. I gave it a bit of a Laurel/Yanny quality. How do you see it—is the Postmaster General an ass, or something else?

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News from the Crypt: Episode 28

11 Apr

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Also, this comic features a new character, inspired by our new pres! Click on the comic above to watch Cool Joe drawn in a time lapse video!

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Evil Bunny

4 Apr

Happy Easter! And to celebrate, I drew this cool, deranged, zombie bunny! Click the image to watch it drawn!

By G.J. Sieck

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New at 1134 Press

28 Mar

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A Message from the President

21 Mar

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1134 Comix Videos

Breaking News

14 Mar

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Self-Care Journalling Prompts from 1134 Press!

7 Mar

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American Politics

28 Feb

That’s the way I see it, anyway!

-G.J. Sieck

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NFTC: Breaking Weather Alert

21 Feb

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Making Paper with 1134 Press

14 Feb

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