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Some New G.I. Joe Classified & HasLab Info

14 May

We got yet another transmission the other day. Though this one doesn’t give us too much info, it does confirm at least a couple things: the version of General Hawk, and the type of HasLab we’ll get next in the G.I. Joe Classified line. And now that we can be certain that the next HasLab will be a G.I. Joe vehicle, which do you think is most likely, or which would you prefer?

More G.I. Joe Classified Diorama Fun

30 Apr

This week’s photoshoot features several G.I. Joe Classified figures and several diorama pieces. I like to imagine a bit of a story for this one. Dr. Mindbender and Cobra are kidnapping Joes and subjecting them to the evil Dr’s mind control experiments. Stalker and Scarlett are coming to rescue. However, they must first defeat Baroness, Storm Shadow, and some Blue Ninjas!

Check out the photo gallery below!

And check out the this Short made from selected pics!

G.I. Joe Classified in Woods at Night

16 Apr

This week’s photoshoot features the Woods at Night backdrop from Simple Backdrops. You can find them on Etsy!

It also includes, Falcon, Stalker, and Spirit from the G.I. Joe Classified Series, as well as the RAM Cycle.

And if you would like to see a comic-style video made from these photos, check it out below!

G.I. Joe Classified Diorama Photos: Falcon, Cover Girl, Crimson BAT

9 Apr

This week’s action figure photography features dioramas by Extreme Sets, MMMToys, and Twelve World!

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And here is our most recent YouTube Short, made from the same photoshoot!

Fext System Cell Diorama

12 Mar

I’ve been getting more and more into dioramas as of late. I really like using them in action figure photography, which has become an interest of mine over the past year or two. I’ve yet to try my hand at handcrafting any diorama pieces, though I have been considering an attempt. I have been buying diorama pieces, though. I recently picked up a diorama of a jail cell made by Fext System. You have to assemble the jail cell, almost like lego blocks. Fortunately, it’s a fairly simple assembly, and the instructions are easy to follow. I do recommend carefulness while assembling the actual jail cell bars/door. I didn’t damage mine, but I can see that if too much pressure is put on the top of the bar-panels, the resistance of the pegs sliding into the holes could cause the panel to bend. So, just exercise some caution there. Other than that, it was fairly quick, easy, and the thing looks pretty great in the end. The diorama also comes with extra parts to connect multiple pieces. In theory, you could create an entire cellblock with these (at about $50 per cell, that is).

Check out some images go G.I. Joe Classified figures and the Fext System Cell below:

Ad Check Out a Video about the Fext System Cell Below!

Tiger Force Vs. Python Patrol Gallery

22 Jan

Check out the pics from eye recent G.I. Joe Classified photoshoot below. For these photos I used the ZbobToys Tower and Barbed Wire Fence Platform, and the Extreme Sets Building Diorama 6.0.

Figures included:

Tiger Force Duke with RAM Cycle

Tiger Force Bazooka

Tiger Force Recondo

Tiger Force Outback

Python Patrol Officer

Python Patrol BAT x3

Python Patrol Viper

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G.I. Joe Classified in the New Year!

31 Dec

Rather than looking back at 2022, I wanted to take some time to look forward to the new year. In this video, I’ve compiled a lis of the various G.I. Classified releases I think we are likely to see arrive in 2023. I also talk a bit about the channel and 1134 Comix in general, and I’m shooting from a new space (well, kind of).

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The Cave of Cobra!

18 Dec

In this short video I share some of the recent photos I took with the Extreme Sets Cave Diorama. I made a video about the diorama recently, and I thought it would be fun to share some pictures.

For the photos I used G.I. Joe Classified:

Serpentor and Air Chariot

BAT x 3 Dr.





Viper Officer

Cobra Officer x 2

And check it out with a different arrangement on Instagram!

Unboxing and Review: Extreme Sets, Cave Diorama, and Some G.I. Joe Classified Photography

4 Dec

I picked up the Cave diorama some weeks ago, and I finally had a chance to get into it. It does make for some pretty great pictures–check some out near the end of the video! However, I do have a few critiques of the diorama. I may post a follow up to this video with some more photos and some more thoughts.

The Extreme Sets Cave diorama measures to approximately 38″ by 27.75″ and is about 14.25″ tall. So, it does offer a lot of space for your 6 inch figures.

For the photos I used G.I. Joe Classified:

Dr. Mindbender

BAT x 2

Cobra Officer


and the Air Chariot

Opening Random Old Toys

27 Nov

I’ve been rearranging and reorganizing the studio over the past several weeks. I’m coming to the end of that project, finally. I still have a lot of comics to go through, and I had some old toys that could be better displayed as well. For this video, I took a handful of in-box toys from my collection in the studio. They all had some pretty grimy bubbles, and would certainly look better – and take up lass space – out of their cards.

In this video I open:

MEZCO, Heisenberg

McFarlane Toys, Leatherface

Super 7 ReAction, Predator and Alien figures

Hasbro, Iron man

And I don’t open an Edgar Allen Poe figure.