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The Adventures of Blakbone part 3 page 6

9 Jan

Page 7 coming soon

Custom Cartoons and Comic Strips

18 Dec

Hi everybody. This isn’t something I typically do anymore, but, I will be offering custom cartoons and comic strips for a limited time. Contact me by leaving a comment, or you can post a message at www.facebook/project1134.com – Just tell me your idea for a comic strip or a cartoon drawing whatever it is you’re thinking of and I’ll give you a quote.

Single panel/one page comic strips will be $25 for black and white, $40 for color 

Everything else is negotiable

Thanks, and have a happy holiday

Final Installment of 1134’s 1st Web Comic

28 May

Today I published the final installment of my very first web comic at Web Comics Nation. It’s pretty stupid, but that’s kind of the gag. If for some reason you like this comic strip, don’t worry, these characters will all be returning in a brand new title later this summer.

Check out the comic here –