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1134 Sunday Comix: Outer Space Adventure

20 Mar

SkelterCOmic2Pg1 copy SkelterCOmic2Pg2 copy

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Outer Space Adventure

18 Aug


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Outer Space Adventure: It’s BerenSTEIN!

11 Aug

Outerspace Adventure Bearenstain

I drew this after reading an article about Berenstein / Berenstain online. I remembered it as STEIN… Google it, or the Mandela Effect if you’re interested. You will find some outlandish, yet entertaining reading.
For the record: I think it is more likely that “stain” is often misremembered as “stein”, than what some of the theories found on the internet propose.


1134 Sunday Comix

2 Aug

OSAAstronaut copy


1134 Sunday Comix

26 Jul



1134 Web Comics: Outer Space Adventure Easter Greeting

5 Apr


1134 Web Comix: Outer Space Adventure (Sunday Comics)

29 Mar


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Sunday Comics: another one from the archives

25 Jan

OSA3 copy

Horde of the Unvanquished: Crucified, will return next Sunday!

Outer Space Adventure by G.J. Sieck

23 Apr


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