Happy 4th of July

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July from 1134!

Back in 1776 the American colonies officially separated from British rule – good job!! Today, we celebrate this monumental event by stuffing our faces with wieners and maybe blowing a few digits off (hey, we’re born with ten so we have a few to spare! Just watch the thumbs, they’re the most important). So, let’s all put on our powdered wigs and American flag bathing suits and celebrate our independence from the crown! Drink a Budweiser – it’s the most American beer. Rock, Flag, and Eagle!

Keep an eye out for burning embers falling from the sky and be careful out in these drunk-driver filled streets. Basically, have a fun and safe Independence Day everybody! We need you all to survive so you can come back here and read more Blakbone . . . most importantly, to buy more books! LOL

But seriously – buy more books.

Have a good one everybody!

See you in the funny pages,

G.J. Sieck


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