Help Me Help A Friend

25 Jul

A few months ago I posted on this site that my best friend, Dustin, had died after unexpectedly falling into a diabetic coma. Today, I just found out that another friend had suffered a brain aneurism and is at the moment recovering from surgery at Johns Hopkins. She’s not out of the woods yet though.

It was too late to do anything to help Dustin. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to help Cleo. She had just graduated from university with her bachelor degree and had a bright future ahead. Now, though in the hands of some great doctors, she is in a precarious state. We are hoping for a full recovery, that she comes through the other side of this in strong health and is still able to claim that bright future she has worked so hard for. She is a kindhearted, creative and beautiful person–the world is a better place with her in it. Cleo is going to need all the help she can find to get back on her feet.

I’m asking for your help, readers. We all know how expensive medical bills can be. A crowd funding campaign has been started to raise funds to cover said bills. Please follow the link below, learn more about Cleo’s story and if you have it in your heart contribute to this effort. Any little bit will help.

Thank you everybody.…

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